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Wanting to buy Hello Kitty Pour Lolita Punk Edition Letter Set

I recently stumbled on the net on a picture of Hello Kitty Pour Lolita Punk Edition Letter Set.

I instatly fell in love with it and want to have it. Sadly none of my googling and ebaying searches bore any fruit.

I am hoping someone of you will have a spare one to sell or know where I could buy them.

So far I have learned the letter set is from a Hello Kitty Collection that came out in 2005 and were designed by Novala Takemoto.

The official name should be Hello Kitty Pour Lolita Punk Edition. (<--I could be wrong) I want the Letter Set from that collection.

Also I wouldn't mind a Hello Kitty Gothic Lolita Edition Letter Set either.

Under the cut are the only pictures I could find of the letter sets. If anyone recognises it and knows where I could buy it, or is willing to sell please let me know.

The first is the picture that started it all.

The second is the official Hello Kitty picture from the Hello Kitty Punk collection I found in the offical France Hello Kitty Page.


And the third picture is from the Hello Kitty Gothic Lolita Edition/collection again also from the offical France Hello Kitty page. I wouldn't mind getting this letter set either.


If anyone has these to sell, let me know.

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